Our school provides a broad curriculum to a diverse group of young people across 4 sites:

  • Harpley Centre
  • Tommy Flowers Centre
  • Third Base
  • Hospital School at the Royal London Hospital

We cater for young people and children who have experienced difficulty in learning for a variety of reasons.  Each of our sites caters specifically for identified needs of our individual students who are aged between 2 and 16.

The Harpley Centre in Globe Town provides learning and care for students in years 10 and 11.  On this site we assess the pupils’ readiness for return to mainstream school in year 10 whilst ensuring they maintain progress in their GCSE and vocational studies. Students in year 11 remain with us for the duration of their time in school. 

Our Tommy Flowers Centre near Aldgate East provides students in year 11 with a vocational education on site and at off-site centres run by our partners in alternative provision. Here students have the opportunity to gain accreditation in construction, catering and hospitality as well as in arts subjects.

At Third Base in Bow, students are with us for shorter periods of time whilst they await a return to, or secure a new placement in, mainstream school.  Here the dynamic curriculum is designed for students to increase levels of progress in national curriculum subjects, develop thinking and learning skills and increase their resilience when managing challenging situations.

The Hospital School at the Royal London Hospital on Whitechapel Road works in close partnership with medical professionals to ensure that young people with medical needs, aged between 2 and 16, receive education during their time in hospital. A team of skilled teachers and teaching assistants work with day care children, young people with recurring conditions and those requiring a long stay in hospital, to ensure their continued emotional, physical and intellectual development.

We also make provision for young people unable to attend school for medical reasons.