Our Alumni

We have high expectations of our students and aim to support them in achieving their ambitions. Many PRU students find that their attitude to learning improves while with us and go on to accomplish great things.

Read below on how past and present students have found their time at the PRU.

Coming to the PRU has changed me a lot; it has made me realise a lot of things about myself. Most people would think it's a bad place to go, but honestly it's not. During my 5 years in secondary education, the PRU has been the best thing to happen to me. The teacher's were like family to me. They were always there, and I am so grateful to have met them.

Shazna, school leaver 2013

It's a nice friendly environment and I have had a good experience being at the PRU.  The teachers and staff are very kind and it feels safe here.  I have been made to feel very welcome.

Shab, Year 11 student

Before I came to the PRU I was feeling like I didn’t want to come here and it would ruin my education and my future.  But since I have been here for the last 2 years it has really changed my perspective.  I have got more help and support by a lot of teachers and they really encourage you to get an education so later in life you can be proud of yourself.  I have improved dramatically since I came here from not going into school to coming in every day.

School leaver 2013

People judge people that go to the PRU and think that they aren’t going to get anywhere in life.   It’s not until you come to the PRU that you realise it is a normal school and you do come out of here with an education.  I wasn’t well behaved in mainstream school and I didn’t learn much but since I have come to the PRU I’ve improved my behaviour and I participate in more things.

Alana, Year 11 student

The PRU is a relaxing learning environment; it’s not like mainstream school. Lessons are supportive and based around what you can do. The teachers are very friendly and have a good sense of humour which brightens up learning and makes it easier to learn at Harpley PRU.

School leaver 2013

People look at the PRU in a negative way, but for me it’s been helpful when things were hard.  My experiences have been that I have learnt a lot about myself.  The PRU isn’t for naughty kids but for times with there are challenges to get over.  I have realised that I am actually good at things and I didn’t realise this in mainstream school because I didn’t have good experiences.  I wasn’t attending school as much as I am now because here I feel safe.

Chloe, Year 11 student